ExifPro is an application meant to display, manipulate and browse photographs. In addition to showing images ExifPro can also present information embedded in JPEG photographs. This information (called EXIF) describes different parameters digital camera used while taking a shot. Most of nowadays digital cameras store EXIF block inside photo JPEG file.

Images Pane Preview Pane Folders Pane Tools Pane Info Pane Histogram Pane Main ToolBar Address Bar Filter Bar Main Menu ExifPro Window
ExifPro main window: click on different screen shot areas to see descriptions of different ExifPro elements.

Apart from the ability to display images ExifPro offers many tools that let you manipulate images.

ExifPro consists of two major elements: Main Window and Viewer Window.


There are a few features of ExifPro application worth emphasizing:

Technical Information

ExifPro runs under the family of Windows operating systems, but Windows XP or later is recommended to fully exploit its user interface. 256 MB of RAM or more and 1 GHz CPU or better is highly recommended.

ExifPro is written in C++ using MFC, STL and some boost.org libraries. ExifPro contains code to open and write JPEG images written by IJG group (jpeglib) as well as additional image opening libraries (full listing is available in the About box).