Images Pane

Central pane window in the ExifPro application is the Images Pane. It displays loaded photographs in one of the available view modes. At the top of the pane there is a toolbar with window specific commands.
Photographs selected in this pane may be used as an input to the most of ExifPro tools. Images Pane also supports drag and drop operation. Group of selected photographs can be dragged and dropped into the window of another application.

Images Pane

Images Pane Toolbar

The panes's toolbar is subdivided into several sections. Each section groups related buttons.

First section contains image related commands.

Open Viewer

Open Viewer window button. Review All will populate Viewer with all the loaded photographs. Two remaining options limit amount of images in a Viewer to either selected ones or tagged ones. To review certain photos one can select them first and use Review Selected (Ctrl+Enter) command. Likewise if there are any photos with applied tags pressing a Shift+Enter (Review Tagged) will open Viewer window with tagged photos only.

Sticky Selection

Toggle Sticky Selection (Alt+Space). Sticky selection facilitates selecting multiple images without pressing Control key. Inadvertent mouse clicks cannot dismiss selection in the sticky mode.

Select All Photos

Select All Photos (Ctrl+A).

Deselect All Photos

Deselect All Photos (Shift+Ctrl+A).


View section contains view mode commands.


Thumbnails view mode (Ctrl+1).


Details view mode (Ctrl+2).


Tiles view mode (Ctrl+3).


Previews mode (Ctrl+4).


Options popup menu to select image text label, balloon info and time line bar.

Users may select EXIF fields displayed under images in “Customize Label Display...”.


Thumbnail section contains slider to set a size of the thumbnail image.


Decrease size of the thumbnail image (Alt+Down).


Size of the thumbnail image in a Thumbnails view mode. Only Thumbnails view mode is effected.
Amount of images (from 1 to 4) in a Previews mode.


Increase size of the thumbnail image (Alt+Up).


Group section contains grouping buttons.

Group by Folders

Group by folders toggle button. Each sub folder is displayed in its own group.

Group by Tags

Group by Tags toggle button creates separate groups for tagged photos.


Sort section contains sorting buttons.


Sorting popup menu presents all fields available in the detailed view mode. Sorting order is the same for all the available view modes. Triangle indicates ascending or descending order. To reverse the sort order select it again.


Sorting by image similarity. Pressing this button (Shift+Ctrl+S) orders photographs by their similarity to the current image.


Options for sorting by image similarity. This slider modifies sorting by similarity to pay more attention to shapes (upper position) or colors (lower position).