Applying Tags

After pressing Start Tagging button (F4) ExifPro will open a Viewer window and will turn on the tagging bar:

Tagging Bar  

Each photograph may have different keywords assigned that will help you distinguish it from others. Tags Bar can be used to apply and remove those keywords to/from a current photograph.

To define tags to apply press Edit Tags button and enter keywords.

Press Save Tags button to save or load keywords to/from a text file.

Different tags can be applied to the the current photograph by pressing tagging bar buttons. First ten tags can be quickly toggled using shortcuts 1 to 9 and 0.

Photographs with tags applied can later be deployed using the Copy Tagged Photos tool (Shift+Ctrl+C).

The review process can also be repeated and refined using only tagged photographs. Pressing Shift+Enter (Review Tagged) in the images pane will open a Viewer window with tagged photo only.
Open Viewer

To apply tags to single as well as multiple images at a time, one can use Tags Pane:

Tags Pane

This window is accessible from the list of pane windows Panes and has a name ‘Tags’.

Technical notes

Tags can be stored permanently in photographs (default setting), unless this option is turned off in ‘Advanced Settings’. When tags saving is turned off tags will be applied and remembered only for the current session.

If tags are saved in photographs they are stored in a file info structure (IPTC) as keywords. Storing keywords is supported only for JPEG photographs.

If little pen in the status bar area is crossed an image is read-only or cannot be written to at the moment (either because it's being decoded or file has a read-only attribute). If an image is read-only tags will be applied for a session only (i.e. forgotten at exit).