Transfer Tool

The Transfer Tool (Ctrl+T) can copy, move or rename files. This is the only tool that doesn't use loaded photographs as an input, and instead reads files directly from the selected folder.

Transfer Tool

Copying Files

After selecting required operation (copy, move or file rename) one has to navigate to the source folder in the left pane (‘From’ folder). For copy and move operations destination folder is needed in the right pane (‘To’ folder). File rename uses only destination folder to rename existing files.

File pane windows maintain lists of recently used folders. To access this list or browse to the different folder press Recent Folders button.

Transfer Tool File Types

File pane windows allow selecting file types to view. Only files presented in the pane window will be copied/renamed, so selecting types works like filtering.
Apart from having simple type selection (like JPEG and raw files), one can also use ‘Show only new files’ menu item to hide all files that have already been copied. This option works in conjunction with marking files being copied. Marking files has to be enabled first by expanding options (‘Show Options’) and checking “Mark source files that have been read by clearing ‘archive’ attribute” button.

To create a new destination folder one can either press ‘New Folder’ button, or type it directly in the ‘To’ address field.

Renaming Files

Renaming function uses pattern defining how the new names will be constructed. Pattern may contain characters that are valid in the file name (they will be used verbatim) as well as the following special symbols:


Year (4 digit)


Year (2 digit)












Original File Name


Partial File Name


Partial File Name


Consecutive Numbers (1, 2, ...)

Note: Date and time refers to the file modification time stamp.

Popup menu shows available choices. Effect of modifying pattern text is immediately presented below in the example window.
Note: If renaming leads to duplicate names, ExifPro will append numbers to make file names unique.

Showing New Files Only

It may be useful to leave original images on the removable media after copying them. ExifPro could be instructed to mark files at the source that has been copied to the hard drive. Next time Transfer tool is used it will be able to detect new pictures taken by a camera and hide those that have already been transferred. To accomplish this, check “Mark source files that have been read by clearing ‘archive’ attribute” button in the dialog options. This is how ExifPro distinguishes between ‘new’ and ‘old’ files. Note: Marking files is only possible in ‘Copy’ operation.

Transfer Tool

During copy or move files can optionally be made read-only, to protect them from accidental overwriting by image editing application.