View Modes

The images pane has four display modes: thumbnails, details, tiles and previews (Ctrl+1, 2, 3, 4).
Both thumbnail and tiles modes offer balloon information (View/Images Pane Options/Show Info Balloons).


Thumbnails mode offers small resizeable images (thumbnails) with photo's name or date and time (customizable in the options menu Options)

Thumbnails View


The details mode shows information extracted from the EXIF block of each loaded image. This information is arranged in columns. One can click on a columns' header to sort images by selected attribute. Sorting occurs either in groups (if folder grouping Group by Folders is turned on) or in the entire list of images.

Columns displayed in the details view mode can be selected in the Options dialog window or directly in a pane window by right clicking on the header window.

Thumbnails View

Details view offers many columns to choose from. Some of them are specific to particular camera make while others are general. Among those standard columns there are also GPS related ones.

Details mode shows only fraction of available EXIF information. To see complete EXIF block extracted from current image one can turn on Exif Info Folder Pane pane.


In the tiles mode small thumbnail image is presented along with some additional photo information.

Thumbnails View


In the preview mode image files are read instead of small thumbnails and are displayed as soon as they become available.
Amount of images that fit in the window can be set with an image slider in the toolbar.
ExifPro tries to load images in advance when you scroll up or down. Read images are kept in a memory cache. Size of this cache can be set in advanced settings window.

Preview View