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Buy ExifPro Registration

Thank you for your interest in buying ExifPro.

ExifPro is priced at $19.99 (or €18.99) per copy. International orders are accepted too.

Registration key will allow you to hide the ExifPro's 1.0 startup splash screen (ExifPro 2.0 already doesn't have a splash screen).

Serial key will remain valid for all the upcoming updates and bug fixes.

Click here to buy ExifPro Registration.

Note: Serial key will be generated using provided e-mail address.

To download ExifPro please go to the download section.

Registration Process

When you buy ExifPro, confirmation e-mail will be sent to your inbox containing serial key.

To register ExifPro please follow below steps:

  1. Start ExifPro
  2. Select main menu Help/Enter Serial Number
  3. A dialog pops up, where one can enter name and a key
  4. Open confirmation e-mail containing your registration key, and select your e-mail address
  5. Right click, and select Copy from context menu (or press Ctrl+C)
  6. In ExifPro paste this text in "E-mail Address" field
  7. In the same e-mail again, select the key: 1234-4567-1234-6789-3456-5678
  8. Copy it onto the clipboard, as above
  9. Paste this string in the "Serial Number" field in ExifPro
  10. Press OK button
  11. To verify registration, please go to the Help/About ExifPro...
  12. About box shall show "Registered to" label, and your e-mail address below