ColdFire Macro Assembler and Simulator

Integrated macro assembler and simulator for ColdFire family of micro controllers.

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6502 Macro Assembler, Simulator, and Debugger
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Integrated macro assembler, simulator, and debugger for 650x microprocessor family. Allows you to write, test, and run 6502/65c02 programs.

Now available:

6502 Simulator 6502 ver. 1.2.11

and some tiny code samples.

Special thanks to Lee Davison for his help in tracking down bugs.

Kevin Wilson contributed documents describing 6502 architecture, basics of using the simulator plus exercises. Those documents are free for any educational or nonprofit activity.

Please have a look at 6502.org to find additional materials.

For developers interested in modifying 6502.exe here are source files: [download]6502 sources.

MS Visual Studio 2008 is needed to build it.

Shell Extension: Raw Image Extractor for Windows XP

This little project brings preview of raw photographs (Canon's CRW and CR2, Nikon's NEF files) into Windows Explorer.


In the thumbnails view mode raw photographs are presented using embedded preview images.


Similarly left hand side area in the Windows Explorer is now capable of presenting little preview image.

Please note that orientation of images is properly decoded (portrait photos show in the upright position).

This feature is currently limited to the Canon's CRW and CR2 files and Nikon's NEF files (with embedded preview).

[download] Download: Raw Image Extractor

This utility is provided "as is" with no guarantees whatsoever. It should work in Windows XP. It may work in Windows 2000. It will NOT work in previous versions of Windows (9x/Me).

After downloading please extract all files to some folder and double click the BAT file to register a DLL. Next double click on the REG file to register this shell extension for CRW, CR2 and NEF files. That's it. Explorer should now recognize raw photos by showing preview image (as presented in the above screen shots). If it doesn't please close and reopen Explorer windows or restart the OS.

To uninstall this extension (manually only) remove registry entries created by the REG file.

Special thanks to Don for providing me with test photos.